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Luke Skywalker . . . . As a GIRL! Requested by TheDarkKnight!



Well, I’ve been catching up on things since I returned. Now all that’s left to catch up on is . . . DRAWING REQUESTS! So, thank you TheDarkKnight, for giving me my second, and most . . . interesting drawing request! Also, you know what’s funny? While I was drawing this, I found out that when they were coming up with Luke Skywalker’s character, he went through multiple design changes and at one point WAS going to be a female character. How crazy is that?


I Have Returned



Sorry I’ve been gone for like, ever guys. I’ve been busy and I kinda sorta lost my password. So now I’m going to do my best to catch up on comments, monthly joke, drawing requests, etc. Also, because the TalkZone has been shut down on and isn’t coming back ever (sad but true) feel free to use the Mos Eisley Chat Port (which is basically my TalkZone) even if I’m not online. Anyway, it’s rad and stooky to be back! 🙂