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  1. ILuvOrigamiYoda 9 HOURS AGO
    5 things wrong with Phineas and Ferb Star Wars:
    1. YOU CAN’T CREATE A SITH ARMY! It’s against Darth Bane’s Rule of Two, that states that there can only be a master and an apprentice, and when the apprentice becomes a master they must eliminate the other.
    2. Why would they let kids in the Rebel Alliance? THAT’S PUTTING THEIR LIVES AT SERIOUS RISK!
    3. Candace, Buford, and Baljeet can’t BECOME stormtroopers. THE TROOPERS ARE CLONED!
    4. What would Phineas and Ferb, two kids who live on EARTH be doing in the Star Wars galaxy?
    5. Showtunes.

    1. True. But in the OLD OLD Republic, they had hundreds of sith. before DB

    2. A padawan “rival” of Anakin, Ferus Olin, had a 13 year old friend who was part of a resistance to form the alliance.

    3. By that time the imperial army was 1/3 clone. The clone’s againg process takes years off their life. With normal aging, Commander Cody would be 32 on the Death Star. But with clone aging, he is instead 62.

    4. Crossover but it’s possible that those P&F might be alternate universe from Earth.

    5. Singing. THE SINGING. I CAN’T TAKE IT.


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